10 Reasons Why The Punk Rock Kid Inside Me Will Never Die

by Megan Goetz

There are many things in my past I will never own up to.

That fact I had denim headgear for my braces is one, the fact I had a huge crush on Lance Bass is another.

But the one thing I'll never deny is I was a punk rock kid.

I “chilled” with my friends, drank tons of Monster, listened to Blink-182 and went to tons of shows.

We all seemed to fit in because we didn’t fit in.

We weren’t what we were expected to be, and that’s exactly how we wanted it.

Though I grew up, became a little bit less awkward and found my “niche” in the world, I'll always be that punk rock kid.

Here are some reasons why:

1. I don’t need anyone to like me.

Back in the day, I wasn’t cool. I’ve become really comfortable with it staying that way.

I don’t care if you have a bunch of money, or if society deems you important; I feel no need to impress you (unless you’re Pete Wentz).

2. I still try to scream along to songs in my car.

Sometimes, if the mood hits me, I'll yell along to Linkin Park, dressed entirely in business professional clothes.

"One Step Closer" was a game changer. You’re lying if you say you don’t do this.

3. I still wear those gross Converse.

You all know what Converse shoes I’m talking about.

They’re being held together by the muck and grime from parking lot concerts, and they have Sharpie drawings of stars and stuff all over them.

I will never toss them.

4. I have a lot of emotions, and this song is really helping me.

You'll never outgrow the emotional connection you have with these songs.

Toh Kay's Streetlight Lullabies is the sound of my soul.

These songs helped me through middle school dramas, and now they’re back to take on the crippling fears of adulthood.

5. My parents are still too old to understand.

They just don’t get me, okay?

Granted, my dad did take me to all those Bamboozle festivals, but he still never fully understood my angst!

6. I’m still partial to punk rock dudes.

Give me a dude with some baggage and a love of Arctic Monkeys, and I’m all in.

It’s hard not to feel connected to the guy who wants to make out during all of your favorite bands. It’s pretty great.

7. I will always question authority.

This sounds more intense than I really am.

I lightly question authority, while obeying everything it tells me to do.

I like to remind authority it’s “The Man,” but I’m also really grateful for the opportunity and hope to hear back soon.

8. I walk past Hot Topic and Spencer’s and feel like they’re old friends.

Hot Topic has such a bad rep, and that's because it’s actually awful.

Even when I was a 15-year-old kid, perusing buttons and band t-shirts, I knew what it was.

It was a great place to find the next big thing to freak your parent’s out. It was home. Though I haven’t been in one for a while, I still walk past it and remember the good old days.

9. I get excited whenever I hear an upbeat.

This is more for the ska fans out there (all eight of you).

Reel Big Fish concerts were the highlights of my younger years, and I still get a tingly feeling when I catch an upbeat in other songs.

I'll jam out to every upbeat I notice, even if it’s some Jamaican, beach-y song. Ska music will always be special because most people believe it’s awful.

So, it’s really refreshing when you find a fellow person to geek out with.

10. I still rock out at concerts.

What’s cool about being a punk rock kid is a lot of the time, you get to grow up with the bands.

As their music evolves and becomes more mature, so do you.

It’s great to go to a concert, hear the song that got you hooked in the first place and break it down like there’s no tomorrow. It’s okay to be shameless for this one moment as you relive your awesome, past punk rock life.

Even though I no longer have a cell phone signature that’s Panic! at the Disco lyrics, and I haven’t skanked in years, a little part of me will always be a punk rock kid.

It's the part that learned how to be comfortable in my own awkward skin, all while jamming out to awesome music.