Someone Started A Petition For Obama To Make Kanye Release His Album

By Julian Sonny

Kanye West's Swish is one of the most anticipated albums of 2015. The only problem is the sh*t still hasn't dropped.

People with way too much time on their hands got fed up with it and created a White House petition asking President Obama to order Kanye to release the album.

According to the angry citizens who started the public outcry,

Kanye West has kept us thirsty for too long. We haven’t gotten any new singles in months. The President should order Ye to drop the album on the date August, 21st [sic] as his producer Mike Dean has been teasing people about.

Unfortunately, the petition has since been closed, but the frustration has been heard.

Kanye needs to stop playing and give the fans something already. At least bless us with some more of those GOOD Fridays!