The Perfect Playlist To Get You Through Friday And Ready For The Weekend

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Shhh, stop. Shut up. Everybody shut up. Be quiet. Let me -- I have an announcement to make…


Can you smell that? That’s the seductive scent of freedom.

The weekend is upon us, and it’s our responsibility to take advantage of every last fleeting moment of the next two days.

Slow your sh*t down. Go outside. Drink some tequila. Lie in the grass. Ride a giant, old-timey tandem bicycle through the park with a kitten in the basket and a hottie on the back. Order pancakes. Watch a movie. Bake firecrackers and eat them on a beach somewhere while a dog you just met lets you rub his belly.

Along with an endless list of possibilities comes a playlist I made to serve your weekend needs (instead of eating the free pizza that showed up at my office an hour and a half ago, so you’re welcome).

So... like... IDK what you're waiting for, honestly. Blast this sh*t and get to weekending.