Kanye West Talks About His New 'White Voice' And Bringing White Jesus On Stage (Video)

It's a big day for Kanye West. He's engaged. His Yeezus tour with the omnipresent Kendrick Lamar is hitting San Jose tonight. But there's still time in the day for the "genius" millionaire, who partners with brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton, to take on corporate culture, praise Christianity, and talk about why his voice has changed from Chicago streets to Kardashian sheets.

Kanye gave an interview on the JV Show, a San Francisco radio show, and he seemed pretty pleased with himself. Kanye's recent interviews have all shared two things in common: the interviewer fellates him throughout, while he fails to complete a coherent thought.

Everything leads to tangents that have little to do with the original point, and questions are brushed off with a "just being Kanye" statement that illuminates nothing.

The JV show segment was no different, with the hosts making it clear they really just want to let Kanye speak his mind and not ruffle his custom Versace feathers.

Kanye says the reason he brought Jesus on stage is that Christianity is awesome; you can represent your God without fear of recourse, unlike some other religions that he doesn't explicitly mention.

If you piss off Muslims, then you can't trade your leather skirts in for a Hijab next year, which is something Kanye knows better than most:

Kanye also discussed his infamous "white voice," which he claims he does purposefully to mock people who invite him over "to laugh at (his) teeth." Recently, a Vine has gone viral showing Kanye in an early interview with a drastically different inflection than the one he's been using in interviews now. There was a time when Kanye's outbursts were legendary, but he'd like to think his current incarnation is carefully calculated:

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