Elite Interviews: Nathan Leong, Co-Founder Of Electric Candy Land Events


Nathan Leong is the talent buyer and founder of Electric Candy Land Events (ECL Events). They are a special events organizer and team who also operate and program nightlife in venues. ECL has their own pop-up event called Electric Candy Land - which is strictly an EDM special event.

On February 22, ECL Events launched their first opening of Electric Candy Land at Pedro Zamora’s nightclub, Stage 48 in New York City.

How did you become involved with Electric Candy Land Events?‬

‪How has the explosion of dance music personally impacted you?

‪We have seen an emergence of electronic dance music festivals and events lately. What separates Electric Candy Land Events from all the other event organizers such as Made Event, Insomniac Events, RPM and ID&T?

Who would be your dream line up?

What trends do you see in the upcoming year for music festivals and the dance scene?

What kind of preparation goes into holding events such as the one Electric Candy Land Events hosted in February?

Where do you see ECL Events in the next three years?

For more on Electric Candy Land check out their website, Facebook, or Twitter: @Elec_Candyland

Evelyn Pelczar | Elite.