23 Of The Most Disrespectful Comments On Meek Mill's Instagram

by Julian Sonny

Meek Mill started a war he couldn't finish with Drake and now, the Internet is finishing him.

Or, whatever's left of him.

The Philly rapper is getting straight-up cyber bullied at this point, but that's just his karma for trying to start sh*t online in the first place.

Just take a look at his Instagram comments and it's a damn graveyard.

It's quiet for Meek in all aspects right now, and if Drake really does drop that third track, "3Peat," it will truly be a wrap for his life.

After Drake completely blasted him during OVO Fest with memes last night, kids on the Internet held nothing back.

The Internet has been ruthless to Meek Mill, but for every comment there's a little truth.

But things have gone to another level of bad.

And everyone is wondering why he's letting this happen.

Some people have kept it pretty simple, though.

While others think he should just apologize.

It really sucks for Meek when kids like this are weighing in on the matter.

And others are wondering when the hell he's going to man up!

But realistically...

At this point, it's best for Meek to just lay low.

Because he can't go on Instagram anymore without seeing all of this.

The truth has become pretty clear at this point.

OK, now people are making it real personal.

The jokes are now reaching a middle school level of intelligence.

This guy certainly has a point.

And this guy just can't believe what's happened to hip-hop.

But this is probably the worst part of it all...

Because, damn!

WILL SMITH, DRAKE AND KANYE WEST LAUGHING AT YOUR MEMES @MeekMill pic.twitter.com/3xiQQJIyzx — Drake Reactions (@DrakeReact) August 4, 2015