The Live-Stream Of Burning Man Looks Like A Scene Straight Out Of 'Mad Max'

by Eitan Levine

Someone set up a live-stream at Burning Man, so now you can experience the annual festival without getting covered in dust and MDMA!

Every year, a bunch of brave souls get together to get RUL dusty and RUL one-with-themselves in some random desert in Nevada.

I'm going to be honest, it's not my cup of tea. I'm VERY indoors-y, and the thought of living out in Nevada for a few days with nothing but the compassion of strangers to keep you from dying is the epitome of nerve-racking.

That's all fine, though. You can now essentially go to Burning Man without leaving your couch, thanks to this live-stream from Black Rock Desert.

Think "Mad Max: Fury Road" but everybody is just super into self-fulfillment.

If you watch the feed long enough, you'll notice the camera changes angles so you can see dusty stuff from across all of the camps and not just dust from one specific camp.

Here is dust in front of a giant man -- dare I say "The Burning Man"? -- inside of a hula hoop.


Here is dust in front of a wagon next to a trailer park.


Here is dust next to the tail of a whale.


Here is dust next to a man on a bike riding next to some construction equipment.


Here is dust next to a car with a wig on it.


Here is dust next to a separate desert whale tail.


Boom. There. Saved you like a week of travel and 18 showers.

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