Life Would Be A Million Times Funnier If Drake Had A Twin (Photos)

by Julian Sonny

Drake is that dude and all, but let's just thank God he doesn't have a twin he could bask in all the success with.

Because we all know how much Drizzy loves himself and another one of those could quickly put Kanye out of business.

Then again, Drake would probably be a caring bro bro who never beefed and spread his wealth. But at this point, which one is the real Drake?

Drake Twins got really smacked and created these gems:

Two Drakes means twice the swag.

But also twice the sad.

Because both of them aren't going to scoop every night.

Can you even tell which one of them didn't?

Of course, one's always funnier.

And the other's a little shy.

One always gets a little too drunk.

But they both stay fly.

Real Drake would love nothing more than to have a brother to look like.

And more matching outfits to pick out.

They both have a unique style when it feels right.

But great minds all think alike.

Real brothers don't just party together.

They stand up for each other.

And get tan together.

They have to agree on serious business decisions together.

And that can get tricky when one is overly emotional at the moment.

But when you're as talented as two Drakes...

...you can do whatever the hell one of you wants.

Just keep it real.

And don't try to stand in each other's ways.

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