Kanye West Credited Literally Everybody On His New Album, Including North And Saint

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Kanye West may have gone insane, but after dropping the instant classic The Life Of Pablo, we can kind of see why.

As much as people might hate this dude, you have to respect his craft and all the hard work he puts into his brand.

Of course, production this large requires plenty of minds collaborating and coming together, but when Kanye released all of the credits for TLOP we weren't expecting to see so many damn names!

A few of the names listed as creative consultants are none other than his two kids, North and Saint.

Kanye does reference his children throughout the album, but I wonder if they actually lent their dad some bars he might've used. Probably not.

I mean, you have to be impressed with just how many motherf*ckers were in the room making every single song on this album. Check out the full credit listing for The Life Of Pablo below.

Track 1: "Ultralight Beam"

Track 2: "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. I"

Track 3: Pt. 2

Track 4: "Famous"

Track 5: "Feedback"

Track 6: "Low Lights"

Track 7: "Highlights"

Track 8: "Freestyle 4"

Track 9: "I Love Kanye"

Track 10: "Waves"

Track 11: "FML"

Track 12: "Real Friends"

Track 13: "Wolves"

Track 14: "Silver Surfer Intermission"

Track 15: "30 Hours"

Track 16: "No More Parties In LA"

Track 17: "Facts"

Track 18: "Fade"

Kanye gets down to the fineprint of all the sampling...

His entire creative team...

And everybody involved...

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