Jay Z Has The Funniest Reaction To Ed Sheeran's Music

In a recent interview with Billboard, Ed Sheeran confirmed he's working on a new album titled simply, x.

He played at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, NYC back in September, performing alongside Beyoncé in a duet of "Crazy in Love."

It was around that time Sheeran also paid a visit to Beyoncé and Jay Z's humble Manhattan abode, where he played a song likely to appear on his working album.

Of playing the song for Jay Z, the singer says,

He made me play it four times in a row and called me an alien. That was promising.

Sheeran took the comment as a compliment, albeit strange. He is left a bit concerned with how fans will react, however, saying,

Normally I don't care much about what people think of my music. If you love it, awesome; if you don't, go and listen to something else. But this time is different. This project is a lot more dear to me. I'm nervous about how it's going to be received.

We're pretty stoked to see what the singer-songwriter has in store.

Until then, we'll have to catch a showing of his concert-film, "Jumpers for Goalposts," out now. Check out the trailer below:

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