This Woman's Amazing Voice Sounds Like She Is Naturally Autotuned (Video)

I’m convinced Emma Robinson is a robot.

I like to think I’m a passable singer.

I’m not going to be on Broadway any time soon, but I’m 100 percent at least the second best person on your karaoke league team.

Hell, if it’s a soft season I may even find my way into the karaoke league all-star game. I could even see myself throwing out the karaoke first pitch at the karaoke league all-star game (I’m not letting this metaphor go).

Basically, I know how to hold a tune and frequently will say stuff like, “Oh, I could totally see myself getting to at least David Guetta status with practice.”

That being said, I have no idea how Emma does what she does.

Her voice is modulated. How do you make your voice modulated? What she does as one person without instruments would ordinarily  take a full a capella band to accomplish.

She deserves $1 million for this video. I don’t know from whom, but she deserves it.