These DJs Trolled A Club Full Of Ravers In The Most Hilarious Way


If you've ever been to a club and heard a DJ's set, then you know it's all about the drop.

That moment when the bumping and grinding takes a heightened pause before switching to a new direction. Basically, it's how you get the crowd PUMPED.

That has got to be the first lesson of DJ-ing 101, right? Well, DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher (that name slays me) decided to mess with their adoring fans by botching the drop so horrifically the club scene may never be the same again. Like, ever again.

Just when the clubbers were ready to take it to the next level, Mashd N Kutcher dropped Spandau Ballet's 1983 classic, "True," effectively deflating the energy in the room instantly. Yep, these DJs were hardcore trolling.

While the partygoers may not have been happy with the set in the moment, hopefully they can appreciate the hilarity in retrospect. Watch the video above to see the worst drop in the history of drops for yourself.

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