Only Girl In The World: 7 Reasons To Love Rihanna

by Megan Mann

You guys, it’s that time of year: the time when we thank Jesus for the birth of the earthbound angel, Rihanna.

After breaking onto the music scene 10 years ago, Rihanna managed to evolve with both her music and image, album by album.

In celebration of this glorious day, here are seven reasons why you should love this beauty:

Her Songs Are Stupid Catchy

Seriously, who didn’t jam so hard to “Umbrella” whenever it came on the radio? I mean, I just did this morning and the song is years old.

I don’t know anyone who could deny feeling empowered by “Only Girl in the World,” or turning the sexy on when they hear “S&M” or “Birthday Cake.”

Who cares if she didn’t write them? She sings the sh*t out of them, and you get to dance to them. We all win.

She Handles Scandal Well

In the wakes of her biggest and smallest scandals, Rihanna always does a fantastic job with the media.

There are so many sources at all times coming at her for information, and she has always handled it like a professional.

Except, of course, that one time when she cried and got vulnerable with Oprah, but who wouldn’t when you think about it?

Her biggest scandal was pretty heavy and she always handled it with grace. She shrugs off nip slips and doesn’t try to dispute her mistakes.

This is awesome in an industry where it’s so easy to fly off the handle.

She Takes Serious Fashion Risks

In a matter of no time at all, she was sitting front row at all the important Fashion Week shows around the world. She became a muse and fashion darling.

Designers wanted to work with her because she takes risks. Her style has evolved from island girl to glamazon throughout her career. She can be demure, playful, sexy and classic.

She’s changed her hair more in one year, as noted on "Orange is the New Black," than most people change jobs throughout their lives.

And, she always looks great. (Her Ariel hair phase was probably my favorite.)

She also had a show that I watched last year that was similar to "Project Runway," but way more alternative.

It was awesome, and I was mad that some pieces weren’t available to the masses. RiRi, can you fix that?

She’s Amazing To Her Fans

When Rihanna meets fans, she’s sweet and adoring.

We all know that no artist would be successful without her fans, so she never misses the chance to thank them for getting her to where she is today. More artists should be so grateful.

She Doesn’t Forget Where She’s From

She’s all about that island living. She goes back to Barbados and celebrates festivals while wearing basically nothing, but also makes it look like a great outfit.

She takes care of her family and those who helped her along the way. Have you seen the house she bought for her mom and surprised her with on Oprah's TV show?

Her upbringing and tight-knit family ties give her a grounded and down-to-earth vibe. She could easily be a total assh*le and diva, but she’s not. She’s awesome.

She Doesn’t Give A F*ck

I think this may be why she’s so awesome. She truly does not care what anyone thinks of her or her choices.

When an interviewer asks a dumb question, she shuts it down. If she’s not interested in the VMAs, she will sit down and enjoy her popcorn.

She’s realistic about herself and doesn’t care if we know that one of the most beautiful women in the world still gets insecure sometimes.

If she’s not impressed, she won’t pretend to be and she also won't take bullsh*t.

If she’s at a strip club, she’ll show us her lap dance. She doesn’t care about being nude and will never turn down a blunt.

She’s unapologetic about who she is — who can’t admire that?


I remember seeing a post on Tumblr where Kendall Jenner tweeted about not wanting to go see her live if she didn’t perform a certain song live. Bad Girl RiRi responded, “Don’t come then.” Seriously.

Her no-nonsense attitude, boldness and business sense are admirable. She loves to have fun and live life.

She takes the highs and lows of life and doesn’t let setbacks stop her from moving forward. If you live life like Rihanna does, you’ll live well.

As my friends and I say, “We want to live that Rihanna lifestyle: Live Fast, Die Right Now.”

So, thank you, baby Jesus, for blessing us with this sweet baby angel. And, thank you for the catchy and unapologetically sexual jams, RiRi.

Thank you for being inspiring, smart and someone who offers endless entertainment, even if you’re just throwing your spilled popcorn under the seat in front of you.

You make us want to take risks and have more fun.

Happy 27th birthday, you heavenly wonder. Keep living the dream.