David Guetta Looks Like He's Tripping Balls During His Set At Tomorrowland (Video)

David Guetta performed at Belgium's Tomorrowland festival this weekend. During said performance, excellent footage of Guetta was taken that shows the DJ totally spacing out.

The clip is a real gem, and I have so many questions: 1. Was he tripping balls? 2. Was he just exhausted and bored of playing the same beats over and over again? 3. Was he using the power of his mind and of EDM to brainwash the festivalgoers?

If I had to say, I'd go with option three. The guy looks like the DJ who brainwashes Zoolander into assassinating the Malaysian prime minister. Fun fact: That DJ is actually played by "The Leftovers'" Justin Theroux.

But I digress. The clip is great, so you should watch it. Do it now!

H/T: Fact mag