Comedian Pretends To Be The Weeknd, Fools Fans And Makes It All The Way On Stage (Video)

Comedian Ben Bizuneh recently pretended that he was R&B artist The Weeknd, and the results were spectacular.

This guy has some big balls, and it made for an epic prank.

Bizuneh saw that The Weeknd was having a concert near his home in Los Angeles so he assembled a team and attempted to trick The Weeknd's fans into mobbing him. Bizuneh got a wig, some friends to be his entourage and a couple of young ladies to act as screaming, adoring fans.

When Bizuneh and his crew arrived at the concert, they had no problem getting past security. A whole bunch of fans mistook Bizuneh for The Weeknd and went crazy when they saw him. They begged him for autographs and photos and even told him they loved him.

Unfortunately, though, when Bizuneh attempted to make his way on stage, he was stopped by security. Still, it was a pretty excellent prank that proves all you really need is confidence and a good disguise to make it in this world.

Check out the full prank in the video above.