Stop Everything: Britney Spears Released A New Must-See Music Video

Tuesday is officially the best day of the week.

Why? Because Britney MOTHER F'ING Spears released a new video... sort of.

The undisputed queen of pop (do not even try to come at me about her being the one true queen) released a short teaser video to "Breathe On Me," a song from her fourth studio album, In The Zone, which never quite got the love it so rightfully deserved.

The song, without question, deserved a video way back in 2003, but hey, better late than never, right?

In the clip, Brit does some simple choreography (OK, so she basically just raises her arms up and down) and whips around her DOPE ASS BLONDE EXTENSIONS, while rocking a few fake tattoos in her teeny tiny black lingerie.

In the caption, Britney writes,

Girls just wanna have fun Never released a video for this song… so decided to do a little tease on Instagram instead… enjoy!!

Here it is in all its glory.