You Can Actually Make Music By Twerking And Shaking Your Booty (Video)

A new invention created by audio design company AIAIAI allows twerkers to use their butts to create music.

Sensors are attached to the dancer's behind, and when the twerker shakes her (or his) booty, signals are sent to a computer that correlate to different beats and musical samples.

When it's all said and done, a song can be created this way using the body as an instrument.

As such, the new device has been referred to as "the booty drum."

In order to test out the technology, AIAIAI employed the services of DJ/producer Branko and a Danish dancer named Twerk Queen Louise.

The accelerometers were attached to Louise's behind, and a song was created by her booty shaking. You can see this demonstration in the video above.

I guess this is what 2015 looks like. Isn't technology amazing?

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