Bingo Players

Bingo Players Makes An Epic Return With New 'Lone Wolf' Mix You Need To Hear


Bingo Players makes music that you just cannot help but dance to.

The man behind the dance floor classics, Maarten Hoogstraten, is back at it again with the release of yet another infectious dance beat, "Lone Wolf."

Elite Daily had the chance to catch up with Maarten on the phone in-between gigs to chat about music, friendship and the crazy ride he's been on in the music industry.

"I've been doing this for like 20, 25 years," Maarten said of his nearly lifelong music career.

Since the age of 10, Maarten has been making music, most of which was made with his longtime partner, Paul Bäumer, who passed away in 2013 after an ongoing battle with cancer.

When asked if he still thinks of his partner while creating music, Maarten said,

He added, "I always think about what he would say or what he would advise me to do with a certain idea."

Following Paul's death, Maarten said he needed to do some serious soul-searching on the future of Bingo Players, which would now be a one-man band. But in the end, Maarten said,

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Times, and music, have changed a lot since Maarten got his start. And for the most part, Maarten said he's OK with where his genre is going, thanks in large part to his new capacity to create on a faster, higher level.

Maarten added, "I think it really helps your creativity as well," because musicians can now do it all.

But, while technological advancements have certainly helped propel the creativity process, Maarten made it clear how he sets his sounds apart, saying, "I think still, the creativity and the concepts you make come from inside."

Maarten's concepts for new dance music certainly include his dream collaborators, "Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams." Beyond these two, Maarten said,

However, staying creative all the time for a quarter-century is no easy task. When asked how he does it, Maarten had some stellar advice for people in any career,

And finally, Maarten gave another great tip that really can transcend more than just the music scene. When asked for some advice for up-and-comers in any field, Maarten said,

Listen to Maarten's latest music below.