Guy Covers Adele's 'Hello' In 25 Different Song Styles, And It's Amazing (Video)

Brace yourselves, a bunch of covers of “Hello” are coming.

As is the case with every song that becomes a major cultural Zeitgeist, “Hello” is RIPE for parodies, covers, memes and being used in every Vine post for the next four months.

Be warned, though, most of these covers and spoofs on Adele’s instant and eternally classic belt-session (b-sesh, if you will) will be awful. I'm talking miserable to the point of wondering how humanity could possibly allow such a travesty happen to what we can all agree is an audio touchstone.

But this video isn’t one of those. This video is pretty darn good.

Ten Second Songs covers “Hello” as 25 different artists, and singer Anthony Vincent delivers. So load up on this now; I guarantee the next several videos like it will be miserable toilet fires.