7-Year-Old Girl Channels Amy Winehouse In Breathtaking Rendition Of 'Fly Me To The Moon' (Video)

My entire life, I've known I belong on the moon. But there's no need to go there anymore, after hearing this incredible cover on the Norwegian "Late Show."

"Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter, and Mars. In other words, hold my hand."

The depth in this kid's voice. Goosebumps explode and shoot shivers through your cortex. She really is the best.

Angelina Jordan, you're only 7 years old, but you may have the brightest future in music of any human being. Please, don't go the way of the Aguileras and Winehouses.

Focus on your craft, focus on the history of music and your incredible, eternal voice. You don't need to crossover or sell out; your voice is made to sing the truth.

Don't ever give up.