4 Kanye West Quotes That Will Help You Nail Your Next Interview

Whether you are a Kanye West fan or not, you’ve got to give the man credit where credit is due. He has the confidence of nobody else on this planet.

Let us reminisce for a second: He once claimed to be God. Never forget.

You love to loathe him, and he loves to love himself. He welcomes the haters with open arms, and why wouldn’t he?

The guy has a jumbo-sized laundry list of things on his life résumé to brag about.

He’s 37 years old and already has 21 Grammy wins to his name. The fury in this fact is that it only aims to validate his self-inflicted egomania.

It’s no secret Kanye has a talent for loving himself, and it has seemingly gotten him to where he is: the top.

Truth is, we all possess an "inner Kayne" that needs to be unleashed on occasion. Somewhere, rooted deep in our souls, it's hidden, but it’s there.

That painfully overconfident, borderline cocky and shamefully proud ego so large it rivals Kim Kardashian's ass. Just kidding. It'll never be that big.

When you really need to nail it, like when your life (or future job status) depends on it, channeling the one and only Yeezus is more than crucial.

It’s a matter of life and you might not get the job, which is practically the same as death in modern day.

I’ve had my fair share of interviews -- haven’t we all? It can be a scary, intimidating and very daunting process.

We dread it, hope for the best, and rehearse what we are going to say in our heads a million times before the moment comes.

What I have learned is that nothing on God’s green Earth will prepare you more than simply getting your confidence in check.

Once you have that down, the actual interview isn’t intimidating at all. Answers just seem to flow out of you like lava coming out of a volcano -- a strong, confident, charming and impressive volcano that maybe talks like Kanye.

I’m not just talking about jamming out to "Gold Digger" on your way there -- although, by all means, please do.

I’m talking about full-blown, balls to the wall, getting into your alter ego, which is also known as your badass self, via Kayne quotes.

Get ready to knock 'em dead with these five most influential quotes by Mr. West:

“Come on, now! How could you be me and want to be someone else?” – "Guardian," 2005

I’m well aware of how arrogant this comes across, but he’s definitely onto something here.

If you want the job bad enough, this is the number one, and maybe the most important, prerequisite to nailing the interview.

Do you believe you are in fact the sh*t? Ask yourself. And whatever you do, don’t take no for an answer. You must first convince yourself to be able to convince anyone else.

Yes, I am getting all "Law of Attraction" on you.

Repeat a positive affirmation while you’re getting ready, brushing your teeth and perfecting that fab head of hair.

Heck, if no one is around, stare at yourself in the mirror and say it. You know damn well Kanye would, and that is who we’re channeling here.

“You can’t look at a glass half empty or half full if it’s overflowing.” – Kanye on Twitter

He’s exactly right: It’s all a matter of perception. What you think about yourself means everything.

What others think about you is none of your business. Having a positive mindset is the difference between success and failure.

This is something we all claim to know, but we somehow forget to practice on a daily basis.

When you’re sitting in front of someone you need to impress, nothing seems to be more impressionable than that of a positive outlook. It's something that seems like such an obvious no brainer, right?

As someone who has conducted many interviews, I can’t tell you how many people would trash-talk their previous employer, or label themselves as having a weakness when I asked for it.

Put a positive spin on everything, and smile like it's going out of style -- two keys for winning over your biggest critic.

“Respect my trendsetting abilities. Once that happens, everyone wins.” -- Kanye in the New York Times

The trick is to make them feel that if they don’t hire you, the whole place is going to burn to the ground. Dramatic, yes. Effective? You betcha.

If you can successfully articulate this one, you are well on your way to wining them over.

What are you bringing to the table that no one else is? Be an expert; show them what they’re missing.

Are you a force to be reckoned with when it comes to organization? Maybe it’s your killer sales pitch that makes everyone else look like a bag of lame. Whatever it is, it’s yours -- you rock it.

And, by all means, sell yourself like your rent, food, bills and social life depend on it because who are we kidding? It sure as hell does.

 “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform.” – Kanye on VH1

Oh, Kanye, you kill me (in the best way possible).

It’s the most dreaded question of them all: They want to know, “Why should we hire you?” As much as we'll all want to say, “Because I’m awesome,” and be done with it, we can’t.

In any solid sales pitch, this is the time for you to eliminate doubt: "You wait a couple months, then you gonna see, you’ll never find nobody better than me." Without having to resort to a bad Kanye lyric, reaffirm your strengths as much as humanely possible.

Lastly, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by talking too much. Limit yourself to 60 seconds of why you are the best candidate for the position and get out of there. Hook, line and sinker.

From the obnoxiousness of it all, there is some cold-hard truth to be learned here. The ever-so-vain Mr. West is wise beyond his years.

Self-doubt is the killer of success. It’s the thief of happiness and celebratory drinks.

Having victories to celebrate means having an excuse to get sloppy drunk with friends to congratulate one another’s success.

Don’t take those nights away from us. Keep your circle confident. Remind friends of their badass qualities and noteworthy achievements.

You know, kind of like how Kanye celebrates Beyoncé. Never lose sight of your sparkle, or of each other's. Lastly, love thyself!

Kayne never forgets how awesome he is. Cocky? Indeed, but why would we ever doubt our own greatness?

Self-love is the jam. If nothing else, Kanye has taught us that negativity is a worthless emotion. You are your own biggest fan.

Celebrate your existence; know you are a big deal, and "if they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up."