These Beauty Looks Will Help You Channel Your Most Extra Holiday Party Mood

'Tis the season for eggnog. For lounging by the fire with your friends. For cozying up under a blanket with Christmas music softly lulling you to sleep. For strolling under the light of a street lamp as snow flurries float around you, the familiar smell of balsam creeping in as you pass a collection of Christmas trees for sale. For the sheer joy of unwrapping gifts from your loved ones, bows strewn across the floor and smiles abound. Even more, 'tis the season for holiday parties, and more importantly, for holiday party beauty looks so mind-bogglingly over-the-top, people will think you're a celebrity.

You've already heard of, tried, and exhausted the classic red lip and shimmery gold holiday beat. You're reaching for something more. Something untouched. Something extra. Picture yourself in your most aspirational, badass, glorious state — the way you'd look attending a gathering in a sprawling mansion with two entry-way staircases and a $5 million chandelier. That's the mood you should embody with your beauty look for your next holiday party. Why not, after all? It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Now, as you mentally plan your makeup for the year, allow me to take your proverbial temperature and point you toward the over-the-top look that best matches your holiday beauty mood, whether that's queen of the dramatics, the life of the party, or the fiery femme not afraid to make a scene. Trust me, this guide will read you better than any mood ring ever will.

Mood: Femme Fatale

Walking into a room with all eyes on you doesn't faze you in the slightest. In fact, you crave it. You're a firecracker who isn't afraid to experiment with a bold statement, like a glossy eyelid or a red faux fur coat with a lengthy train, or stir up a little extra drama at the holiday party, watch it all unfold, and walk away like nothing ever happened. Still, people love you for the spectacle of it all, and they always come back to you thirsting for more.

Mood: Snow White

Earrings: Jennifer Behr

Your makeup may be white as snow and ice, but the aura that surrounds you as you enter a holiday party is mesmerizing, inviting, and comforting as ever. That's because you, like your makeup, reflect so much light. You present yourself with graceful elegance, like a white swan gliding about, leaving everyone in awe of your natural beauty.

Mood: Bite Me

Adorning yourself in festive holiday attire (or donning your gay apparel, if you will) usually isn't your style, but that doesn't mean you won't make a statement in your own way this holiday: by channeling your vampy, seductive side. Nighttime is when you really come alive, and a makeup look and accompanying faux fur as dark as the midnight sky is what sucks everyone in to your obsessive, mysterious personality.

Mood: Came Through Drippin'

Crystals: Swarovski

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, and, well, who are you to disagree with the age-old adage, especially around the holidays? A trendsetter who craves a healthy side of luxury, you don't just walk into the holiday party. You arrive. You strut right through the door, dripping in as many jewels as can fit on your body. Why stop at earrings, necklaces, and bracelets when your eyes and hands deserve just as much love?

Mood: All That Glitters

Earrings: Accessory Concierge

All that glitters may not be gold, but that doesn't make it any less irresistible. Just as glitter comes, goes, but leaves its indelible mark, so do you leave the same mark, sprinkling a trail of unending, contagious joy right behind you. You, with an eyelid, a cheekbone, a lip, and an outfit glittering brighter than Christmas lights, are the truest definition of merry and bright.

Mood: Heavenly Body

Crown: Jennifer Behr

I could swear the hymn "Angels We Have Heard On High" was written about you. When the holiday season comes 'round, you're known for taking everything — your outfit, your party, your makeup — to the next level: an other-wordly one. Covering yourself in an all-over holographic glow and adorning yourself in celestial accessories are your one-way ticket to feeling like a heavenly body situated amongst the stars.

Photographer: Tory Rust

Hair: Mia Santiago using IGK at See Management

Makeup: Tiffany Patton using M.A.C. Cosmetics

Manicure: Elizabeth Garcia using Essie