Why T.I. Invested In Two 23-Year-Olds' Start-Up (Video)


Get a big name to stand side by side with your company and watch as people's curiosity causes a spike in publicity. It's a marketing tool that works like a charm. So when Elite Daily caught up with T.I. in late May hyping up Yopima at the company's official launch party, we could help but wonder: What exactly is it?

Woods and business partner James Martin are the 23-year-old co-founders of Yopima, a smartphone app that aims to answer one of life's most asked questions:

Yopima does more than simply provide you with numbers before you head out. The app is tailored to help you make your decision on whether you're hitting a bar or event based on a number of factors, like drink specials and V.I.P. lines, besides the obvious and most important factor of "who's there?"

And while the road to becoming a widely used app might be a difficult one to navigate -- for now, it is only available in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlanta, where the company is based -- a world where Yopima is a must-have on all smartphones is easy to picture.

There will be no more wasting $20 dollars to get in a club only to find more crickets behind the door than people. There might not even be the need to leave your apartment and waste that night at a party that isn't worth it. That is, of course, if you have Yopima on your phone. A download that Woods, Martin and T.I. see becoming a necessity in the near future.