Lady Gaga Basically Takes The Year Off And Makes $80 Million

After Forbes released its annual ranking of Hollywood's richest stars under the age of 30, it was really no surprise that Lady Gaga came out on top as the number one celebrity money-maker on the list. She was, after all, already noted for her wealth this summer. What was astonishing, though, was just how far ahead of everyone else she was on the list, as the pop star was able to blow everyone away regardless of being hospitalized for practically half the year.

Between June 2012 and June 2013, the New York City native made a staggering $80 million, which was over $20 million more than the next placed celeb. Lady Gaga shot to the top on the back of her Born This Way Tour despite the fact that she had to cut the tour short to have hip surgery. The tour still raked in a total of $168 million.

If she had been able to finish the line of shows, however, Forbes says the concerts would have made over $200 million, which would mean more money in Gaga's pocket.

Imagine that.

Justin Bieber came in at a distant second with a total of $58 million earned between this summer and last, while, at 19-years-old, he was also the youngest on the list.

After going platinum with her album Red in its first week after release, Taylor Swift followed close behind Bieber with $55 million in earnings.

New to Forbes' list this year is world-renowned DJ Calvin Harris, who profited a hefty $46 million after performing at 150 shows since last June, which also put him on Forbes' celebrity 100 list for the first time. The DJ, who was discovered on Myspace eight years ago, also made his mark in the past when he produced the 2011 Grammy award-winning "We found love" by Rihanna. He rounded out the top five of the list at $43 million after releasing her latest album, Unapologetic, in the past year.

Jennifer Lawrence was the highest earning film star on the list with over $26 million garnered this year, during which she also won an Oscar for best actress after her performance in "Silver Lining's Playbook." Katy Perry and Adele contributed to the seven to three female majority on the top ten with $39 million and $25 million respectively, while "Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner finished of the rankings at numbers nine and ten, both at $22 million.

Here is the list in full:

1. Lady Gaga (age 27) $80 million

2. Justin Bieber (age 19) $58 million

3. Taylor Swift (age 23) $55 million

4. Calvin Harris (age 29) $46 million

5.Rihanna (age 25) $43 million

6. Katy Perry (age 28) $39 million

7. Jennifer Lawrence (age 22) $26 million

8. Adele (age 25) $25 million

9. Kristen Stewart (age 23) $22 million

10.Taylor Lautner (age 21) $22 million

via Forbes, Photo credit: WENN