Google's 9 Steps For Superior Innovation


Out of every major company in the U.S., Google has established itself as one of - if not the most - innovative companies year after year. This should be the goal of every company and startup: from the tech sector to investment banking. When you innovate, you will be one step ahead of the competition, and - by extension - you will attain unfathomable levels of success.

Marissa Mayer is a former Google Executive who oversaw product development, has studied, mastered, and created a science for innovation. Being innovative was a prerequisite for her position, and when coupled with Google's creative culture and unlimited resources, Mayer took innovation to a new height. As the new CEO of Yahoo!, Mayer is bringing Google's understanding and practice of innovation with her to turn the struggling company around.

Here are the 9 steps for superior innovation, according to Mayer and Google:

1. Innovation, Not Instant Perfection

2. Ideas Come From Everywhere

3. A License To Pursue Your Dreams

4. Morph Projects, Don't Kill Them

5. Share As Much Info As You Can

6. Users, Users, Users

7. Data is Apolitical

8. Creativity Loves Constraints

9. You're Brilliant? We're Hiring