How To Land An Internship At The Next Facebook

If you're getting a job the traditional way, you're doing it wrong. Companies are getting thousands of online applications.

The next Facebook is likely just a startup right now. Instagram had only 13 employees when it was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion dollars. Whatsapp had 55.

Part I: Getting a call with the founder of Snapchat

Founders of top startups have their heads down, trying to sustain exponential growth. Desperate for talent, they go through the applications coming in and struggle to find people who are as passionate about their product as they are.

But what if there was a way for those people to identify themselves so that Evan and Bobby didn't have to go through thousands of Snapchat applications?

The people who end up nailing a position at the next Facebook will do so by showing the founders that they are insanely passionate about the product. But what can you do to get Evan Spiegel's attention?

Email him.

If you don't know what rapportive is, look it up and download it now.

While you're at it, also go bookmark and

Email is still extremely powerful. Believe it or not, cold emails continue to work wonders. They get you jobs, partnerships and customers you would've never come even close to otherwise.

Founders, and most successful people for that matter, don't receive as many emails as you'd think. Ever wanted to get in touch with the CEO of Snapchat? It's

Most any startup founders use as their email address. In many cases, you won't know the first name of the founders. That's what is for. Take a quick search of Tinder.

Sean Rad is the CEO. His email is also

Compose a subject line you know he'll have to respond to. Also, make sure you've activated rapportive so you're prepared for the next part.

Follow up the cold email with a Tweet

Something I've found to be nearly as effective as the cold email is the cold tweet. Even better is when you do both. Finish writing your email to Sean, make sure it's brief and has a call to action to jump on a call (you're going to want to suggest a specific time too), and after sending the email, follow up with a tweet.

Send your tweet to both his personal account and Tinder itself. You can likely find them both through rapportive. Say something that elicits a positive response like: "Are y'all hiring?"

As soon as he responds, reply "just shot you an email." If executed properly, this has guaranteed a nearly immediate response in many cases. Maybe even reply with your number in the tweet and tell them to call you any time that day.

The call is your chance to let them know how passionate you are about working on their product. Now it's up to you.

Ready to hustle?

Photo via The Social Network