Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed To Seek Guidance From Someone You Aspire To Be

by Susy Alexandre

It’s pretty common sense that you are a reflection of not only yourself, but also of the people with whom you surround yourself.

We all have people in our inner and outer circles whom we aspire to be more like. They're people who might be more successful, more well-spoken, more connected, more motivated — the list goes on.

Who you admire depends on who you aspire to be when you envision the greatest possible version of yourself.

Sometimes, we feel conflicted with the prospect of asking others for guidance. Most of us can’t help but feel that reaching out is a sign of weakness.

In reality, the opposite is true. Finding the inner confidence to admit that we are not yet where we want to be is actually a sign that we are on our way.

As social beings, the energy we emit is contagious. Try putting an utterly miserable person in a small room with the happiest person you know.

In no time, you’ll find that the energy in the room will either turn to one unified emotion or there will be only one person left standing (likely where the expression “kill them with kindness” originates).

There will always be those in your life who seem to have a leg up on you. Believe me, those people are struggling with the same feelings, looking outward at others.

Most ambitious people will never tell you they have accomplished “everything,” because then what would be left?

Every person hits the pavement at a different pace, and while it may seem like everyone else’s water has been spiked with something of which you feel shorted, it’s really not the case.

People will tell you, “Don’t bother with so and so; just worry about yourself.” However, you should really be taking that envious focus, remodeling it into constructive admiration and putting your pity party on hold to do something productive, like analyzing a person who caught your attention and figuring out what it is he or she has that you feel you are lacking.

Every experience in life is a lesson, and every person you meet has the potential to be a mentor. Don’t waste the opportunity to learn from someone who has seen what’s ahead and triumphed.

Instead of looking at others and wondering, “Why them and not me?” try taking a different approach. Look at these people as beacons of hope — living, breathing examples that what YOU want IS possible, you CAN achieve it, and the seemingly impossible roadblocks you face are not unique to you.

Seek these people out and absorb everything you can from their wealth of experience. Before long, someone will come to you for the same thing.

On the road to self discovery, you will come across many different people and personality types. When you stumble upon someone who exudes that inner light for which you are looking, let him or her know (flattery is always welcome) and take him or her to lunch.

You’d be amazed at the kind of priceless advice others are willing to dish out over a shrimp cocktail and a crisp glass of vino.

Remember, there is no shame in reaching out; there is only strength.

Photo Courtesy: Fanpop