Why You Need To Dream Bigger And Hustle Harder

If you ask any entrepreneur, what defines success? Some might say their product, their vision or a cool feature they’ve developed. But, that’s actually wrong.

What makes success is simpler, it’s people. It’s the DNA you inspire, you create, that magnifies into something greater than you ever imagined. It’s infectious as it can cross boundaries without your presence.

People make the difference. Those that see opportunity when others see obstacles.

Sure, products and features are important but without people — and the right kind of people — even the best products go nowhere. No matter what your business is, at the end of the day – you're not selling something tangible – you're selling opportunity. And that comes from the vision within.

The characteristics of great people are clear to me.


These aren’t just words. They define people. They define our values. They define us.

When we embrace and display these characteristics, they give us the courage to make the tough decisions and become leaders. They give us the courage to constantly challenge ourselves to do better and to break new ground. We refuse to allow fear into our lives. Fear doesn’t even become an option within our DNA. We reject it. We choose to win, because we make our own miracles.

Our imagination, our child-like wonder – is our biggest weapon. Our creativity makes us world-class innovators. But ultimately it is our will -- our drive and determination — that becomes the ultimate power behind our success.

We learn from our mistakes. We triumph over adversity. We prevail because there is no other option for us. Struggle becomes our purpose. And our courage becomes destiny.

People that understand this – understand success. You strive for excellence. You strive to work together to be not just good, but great. You strive to win.

And if you still have that child-like wonder, you’ll realize the most powerful words to inspire you each day are even simpler: