The Surest Way To Fail Is To Procrastinate: Why You Need To Go After Your Dreams Now

For some reason, many of the young adults of this generation believe there are only a few certain paths to success. Like, working a nine-to-five job that earns you $40,000 per year and forces you to sit in a cubicle for a big portion of 30 years — success?

Not really. This begrudgingly necessary perception of professionalism has promoted a pretty universally negative workplace attitude.

Since other people may not have had the courage that you do, it becomes much easier for them to crush your dreams. But don’t let other people hold you back. It’s your responsibility to identify something that you believe in and run with it.

Once you have a passion, figure out what you must sacrifice to reach your goal.

There are several reasons it’s a way better use of time and resources to follow your heart rather than other people’s advice. Here are the biggest reasons you should be out there following your heart rather than focusing solely on the money and what others say you should do:

Let the money work for you.

Being financially stable coming out of college is great, but it’s not the most necessary. You can make money anywhere — maybe it’s $8 per hour, or maybe it’s a six-figure salary. The real challenge is to find the job that will pay you for doing what you enjoy.

Sure, people say this all the time, but embrace the sentiment. You’ll never be able to get back your time or your freedom. Before you run off buying the materialistic things you say you need, stop to consider what you actually want in your life. I’m not suggesting that all people should become hippies, but minimalism has its definite benefits.

Courage: It’s underestimated.

First, it’s absolutely mandatory to understand that good things neither come easily nor immediately. We are the generation of instant gratification; we thrive on the notion that everything will fall into our laps without hard work or willpower.

Understand that if you desire success and put the time and effort into it, then you can have anything you want.

Second, think about why you listen to others. People are going to drag you down and tell you that your goals are impossible and unreachable.

You need to understand that some of these people are just too scared to do what you’re doing, and that they’re jealous of you. Your path to success is not going to be easy, and it will probably take substantial time. But, down the road, it will all be worth it.

In a nutshell:

Goals are born from dreams, and courage propels the determination and persistence that will get us through the obstacles along our paths. As we near a given finish line, we acknowledge where we came from, where our potential started — this is the measure of success. Stop waiting around for it to come to you. Go get it.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures