The Difference Between Your Reality And Dreams And How You Can Make Them One In The Same

by Paul Hudson

Each individual in the world lives in three worlds: the world that is, the world that is perceived and the world that is dreamt. Each world is both separate on its own, as well as conjoined and interlinked with the other two. The world that is, is a world we rarely experience. It is the undisputed truth that rarely ever surfaces and is rarely ever untouched or unaltered.

The world we perceive is the world we actually live in; it's the world we believe we are part of, following the rules we believe are in play. The world we dream of is the world we want to live in. It is the future we hope to have, the life we want to live, the way we want things to be.

Our lives are best spent moving the perceived world into close proximity of the real world, with our dreamt up world in mind. In other words, we should understand the way the world actually is while using our perception of the world to get us closer to our dream world -- our dream life.

Learn As Much About The Reality Of Things As You Can

Our perceptions will always skew our realities -- there is no way around that. It's not something we can entirely rid ourselves of, but our perceptions can be trained and directed with time. In order to best perceive the world, we must try to collect as much information about it as we can. We should learn how the world works. We should understand physics, social interactions and constructs, economics, politics, sciences -- basically as much of what is under the sun as possible.

The more facts or theories we know about the world and the way things function, the more likely we are to know the reality of things. Of course, because “facts” and theories have a tendency to change over the years, we must keep an open mind to allow for flexibility and adaptation.

Never Lose Sight Of Your Fantasy

Reality is the starting point in the game of life and fantasy is its finishing line. Fantasies make life worth living because they give us the hope that we can affect the things around us, that we can create change.

Believing that we can change things and have a physical effect on the world around us reminds us that we are -- or rather, can be -- important if we would so choose to. We can cause things to happen. We can incite change. We have the power to affect other things, events and people. We are not living a life completely out of our control, but rather, a life that we can alter along the way.

This is the reason it is pertinent to have a fantasy, a dream life and goal. We have a reality we live in and we have the power to alter that reality. We must act accordingly in order to bring our dreams to reality.

Devote Your Life To Changing Your Reality To Your Fantasy

No matter what you devote your life to, it all boils down to change; you are devoting your life to change. No one devotes his or her life to keeping things exactly the way they are for a simple reason: it's literally impossible. Things change and will change regardless of whether or not we wish for them to.

All we can do is curate our actions to better the chances of the world changing the way we want it to change, to better the chances of reality moving in the direction we want it to. Our actions do have consequences, the smallest of which can have a huge impact. If you're going to devote your life to anything, devote it to making your world the world you dream of.

The goal is, with enough good people moving towards a better, brighter future, we will actually create that better, brighter future. Don't underestimate the part you play because even the tiny David was able to slay Goliath. We can accomplish an incredible amount within a lifetime. The trick is never to relent and always keep your eyes on your dreams.

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