Exploding From The Beach To The City: New York Sunshine


Forget college. Forget the cubicle. Forget climbing the ladder in the fashion industry. That is the mindset of the NYC entrepreneur duo Henry and John "Sunshine" Margaritis who are disrupting the status quo through their hampton-chic clothing brand: New York Sunshine. 

Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with these pioneers to talk about entrepreneurship, ambition, and their up-and-coming company that is taking the East Coast by storm. Without further adieu, here is our interview with the Margaritis brothers, founders of New York Sunshine:

What drew you guys to entrepreneurship?

How did New York Sunshine as a t-shirt line come about?

What were some of your initial failures?

What does New York Sunshine offer that other clothing/fashion startups do not?

What is it like having your brother as a business partner?

Define your own sense of style:

What is your advice to any young entrepreneur in the pursuit of success?

Do you have plans for any other ventures or projects?