The Story Of The Rich And The Poor Boy

by Paul Hudson

Some people will do anything for money. The problem is that these people will literally do anything. They are willing to betray their friends, betray the company they work for and even betray their own country if the price is right.

These types of people have no dignity, no shame, and so self-respect. But nevertheless, they are always to be found. World-renowned and bestselling author Paulo Coelho shares a short story about such a person.

An old Arab story goes that two boys – one rich and the other poor – were returning home from the market.

The rich boy bought honey-covered cookies and the poor one, a piece of old bread. 'I will let you eat my cookie if you play the dog for me,' the rich boy said.

The poor boy accepted and, on his fours on the walkway, he began to eat the rich boy's goodies.

The wise man Fath, who was watching the scene, said: 'If this poor boy had a little bit of dignity he would find out a way of making money.

'But he prefers to turn into the rich boy's dog in order to eat his cookies.

'Tomorrow, when he is grown up, he will do the same for a public office and will be capable of betraying his country for a bag of gold.'

Paul Hudson | Elite.