If Money Is Your Only Goal, You'll Never Achieve It: Multimillionaire Gurbaksh Chahal

From a purely financial standpoint, few could deny that RadiumOne founder and CEO Gurbaksh Chahal has experienced immense success.

From generating $100,000 monthly just 90 days into his entrepreneurial career, to selling one company for $40 million and another to Yahoo! for $300 million, the California native has built a resume of a man who seems to be all about the bottom line.

Yet, when the businessman has a chance to speak candidly, he proves that he is anything but.

"Unfortunately, everybody values how successful you are based on how much wealth you've created," he says. "But ultimately that's not the goal because if that's the goal you're never gonna go ahead and actually achieve it. Greed can't be a part of the equation."

In this exclusive interview with Elite Daily, Chahal elaborates on what truly defines success, what a lack of fear has done for his career, and the sense of purpose entrepreneurship has given him among other lessons in this latest edition of "StartUp From The Bottom."

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