Meet The Millennials Who Forever Changed The Way Students Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the prime experiences offered to college students across the world.

Given the opportunity to assimilate into another culture, students can learn it, appreciate it and maybe even make a business out of it.

Ryan Blum and Brett Newman did just that when they created Study Abroad Apartments after returning from their semester abroad in Barcelona. They realized there were too many holes in the housing process for such a massive market, and decided to fix the problem.

Study Abroad Apartments was then birthed as an American company leasing apartments in all major city centers in Europe.

Study Abroad Apartments started one year ago when Blum, the company's CEO, and Newman, the president, experienced inefficiencies in the housing process and decided to fix them.

They have expanded to six major cities in the study-abroad market just 12 months after launching.

Not to mention, they’ve expanded from 25 apartment units to over 400 all across Europe.

They are always looking out for their students. Who else would throw an exclusive Villa party down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for their tenants?

Nonstop traveling has become a part of the routine. They scrutinize every apartment themselves before allowing their tenants to sign up and move in.

If you thought Study Abroad Apartments was the end of it, the duo also created Beyond Birthright for post-birthright participants who want to extend their trips in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

In March 2015, Study Abroad Apartments will be an official accommodation sponsor for the three-day festival known as AbroadFest.

Blum and Newman plan on expanding to Asian and Australian markets by 2016 and assisting foreign students with relocation to the United States.

With this much growth in one year, we can only imagine what’s next for Study Abroad Apartments. If you'd like to keep up, be sure to follow the website.

Photos Courtesy: Study Abroad Apartments