Make Your Own Masterpiece: Why Entrepreneurs Are Like Artists

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’ve come to realize that anything the mind can conceive is also attainable in the real world. You can turn black and white into color. You can turn an idea into a company. You can turn a few words into a song.

So, stop being compliant and complacent with the societal norms that prevent you from being your unique self and take on the challenge of creating a work of art, whatever it may be.

The more you try, the more likely you may be to fail. But, failure only increases the likelihood of success. I've always been fascinated with startups and everything they entail — I think about startups as works of art. Once you build a product or service, you get to share it with the world. While every person may not share my desire to be an entrepreneur, every person has the capability to innovate.

Be creative.

Creativity makes the world go round, and we need to continue to promote it. Creative minds have changed our world; from artists to musicians to actors, creativity has impacted our lives. Entrepreneurs desire to build a work of art — their new businesses. In order to innovate, one needs to have vision, which is a key component to becoming a creative thinker. Being able to turn a vision into reality is no easy task. It requires finding a solution to a problem and finding a way to bring it to the world. Opportunity always exists, but for some, the fear of failure may be debilitating. Entrepreneurs use the world as their personal canvases, and so can you.

Be fearless.

Day in and day out, an entrepreneur encounters obstacles that may dictate his or her chances of success. These obstacles make a venture that much more thrilling due to never knowing what may happen next. Never take no for an answer — millions of people will have the audacity to tell you to quit, to move on and get a real job. But if you believe in your work of art, then keep moving forward. The easiest alternative is to quit and accept a conventional nine-to-five job in which you help someone else build his or her own dreams.

No one can stop you from doing what you want to do. Each of us has the ability to turn dreams into reality and you set your own limits. The more obstacles you overcome, the stronger your character will be, so embrace opposition and surpass it. Be fearless and take every chance that comes your way.

Never stop dreaming.

I once read that you should only dream as big as you are willing to work. Set your aspirations as high as you can imagine and don’t stop until you’ve achieved everything you set out to do. Most people settle without reaching their dreams simply because they lack the courage to do so. Chase your dreams; it’ll make for a more fulfilling life.

Also, always remember that your external surroundings shouldn’t hinder your visions. Use the world as inspiration to create your own masterpiece.