Make Your Own Success

We live in a society where many people are living off other's successes. The media publicizes so many women nowadays who are portraying themselves as the wives of successful men, rather than their own individual accomplishments.

Ages ago it was common for women to mirror their stereotype as the Betty Crocker at home with the children. Men dominated the household and were the sole provider bringing home the bacon.

Since then, women have made tremendous strides in the work place becoming bosses and CEO’s of huge successful companies across the world.

While I am very traditional and old-fashioned believing women should take care of their husbands and children, I would in no way ever discourage women from earning something of their own. Especially in today’s society where divorces are an easier decision than what to wear, it is of the utmost importance for women to have economic stability of their own.

Now, with shows like "The Real Housewives" and "Basketball Wives," some women are portrayed as basic household items living off their husband’s wealth with no true purpose of their own. Earning a husband seems more of a personal triumph than landing an awesome job; it is a shame.

Now this is not necessarily an issue strictly seen between husbands and wives, oh no, it goes much further than that. All your colleagues or fellow students bragging about that exceptional internship they landed over the summer at a Fortune 500 company applies to this circumstance if it is the one daddy works at.

Over the past couple of years, everything I have earned for myself has been a product of my hard work, not something my parents granted me with or anybody else. At the end of the day, feeling proud of yourself is the greatest sense of pride one could possibly imagine.

We need to transform our society into one in which working hard to establish your own triumphs is glorified as opposed to riding someone else’s coattails of success. Whether you are born into a wealthy family or are not as fortunate, being able to provide for you and your family with your own wealth should be a universal goal. There truly is no better feeling than having something to call your own, something you earned solely by yourself for yourself.

Michael Kaye | Elite.