It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know

by Anonymous

The education system is much different today than it was twenty-five years ago. Having a college diploma now does not hold the same value or guarantee a job like it did in the good old days. In today’s age, being at the top of your class is not enough- you need to network. If you follow these few simple steps, you will better your chances of meeting the person that can help push your career into the fast lane for success.

Experts estimate that it takes less than three seconds to form a first impression of someone you just met. As we all know, those first impressions tend to last. During these initial seconds it is incredibly important to carry yourself tall and look approachable.

A firm handshake and a warm smile will help to ease the person you are meeting. Be sure to act courteous and respectful. Likewise, it is crucial that you be able to hold an intellectual conversation; no one will hire you or introduce you to someone that may hire you if they don’t think you are interesting.

Advertise yourself

During the small talk phase, make sure to come off as confident but not arrogant. Try not to talk too much and let him lead the conversation- you just steer him in the right direction. This is key to being an Elite man and is vital in showing the person that you are not only a people, but also that you are an intelligent person.

Some of the best businesses are run by C students (Link to Other Article) not because they were the smartest people in the work force but because finely tuned people skills, resulting from socializing in countless campus parties, have helped them climb the corporate ladder.

Lasting Impression

It could be as easy as introducing yourself to a few family friends or starting a conversation at the bar, but as long as you make a lasting impression they may be able to help you reach the goals you set out for and help you gain your rightful place as an Elite member of society. If you rubbed them the right way, they will be sure to remember you when you call the number on the business card they just handed you.

Follow Through

It is imperative to follow through with the people you meet. There is no good that comes out of a fluent, stimulating conversation without following through with the person within a week or so. The timing of the follow up is also very important; waiting too long may make them struggle to remember who you are but not waiting long enough may make you come off as desperate. Staying friendly with these new connections can open a vast amount of opportunities in the future.

Closing Thought

In order to create opportunities to better your career, it is essential to make the most out of every situation. You will be surprised to find out how many people that you could initiate a conversation with are in a position to help you get to where you want to be. Follow these steps and maybe the next person you meet helps careen you straight to the top of the corporate ladder.

Rob Hausler | Elite.