How The Energy You Bring Into A Room Dictates The Way People React To You

by Samantha Bun

You walk into a room and feel a dark cloud overshadow you, an overwhelming sense that something isn’t right. You were fine just moments ago and now you’re feeling tense and possibly even sad or angry.

You look around you and a few people have a sour expression on their face. You learn that an argument has just taken place, and it makes complete sense why you feel so uncomfortable and awkward. Have you been in a situation like this before?

There have been numerous occasions where I've walked into a room, sensed other people’s negative energy and it affected the way I operated the whole day.

I am also a big culprit of doing this. There was one point in time where I was just so miserable at work, my then-boss described my energy as “black.” Up until this point, I wasn’t aware of how my energy impacted others, and I started to become more conscious of it.

I began observing my surroundings and the people who caught my attention. There was this one girl at my friend’s church I was completely dazed and mesmerized by. I couldn’t stop staring at her; she bounced in with a huge smile that illuminated the aura around her. People flocked to her, and it was clear they were drawn to her energy. It was contagious and made me feel happy.

I now make a deliberate choice to bring positive energy into my space, regardless of how I feel that day. Even if I'm feeling under the weather or upset, I make a conscious decision to shift my mood.

You may have heard it before, but happiness is a choice. That’s not to say that you can’t be sad; you’re only human. Just be mindful of the energy you bring to group settings, as people will always respond to you based on the energy you emit into a space.

We are all source energy. Once you realize the power of the energy you carry with you, you will understand how to utilize it to your advantage. You can control conversations and steer away negativity. You can even attract more love and like-minded people into your life.

We already have enough negative people in the world, so why not shift the rhythm and send out positive vibes? I always have a better time when I’m with a happy bunch. Here are some quick tips on how you can shift your mood:

1. Check your posture. Are you standing straight and tall or are you slouched? Your posture and how you walk affects your energy.

2. Play some uplifting beats or think of a song that makes you happy. Start singing it or walking to the rhythm.

3. Read some affirmations. Jump online and find some happy quotes.

4. Close your eyes and imagine the place you find most relaxing and equally beautiful.

5. Think of someone you fancy. Imagine Channing Tatum giving you a lap dance, or Scarlett Johansson at your every whim.

6. Watch some funny Vines.

7. Jump onto Elite Daily’s humor page. You’re guaranteed to be amused.

8. Eat some chocolate. If there’s anything I learned from "Legally Blonde," it’s that chocolates release endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Testify!

9. Ring up your best friend, the friend who is always happy, or even the one you always flirt with.

10. Girls, smack on that lip stick and rock them high heels; you and Beyoncé are not that different after all. Boys, slick that hair back and wear your best shirt; you’re oozing confidence and it's a turn-on.

Photo via Wolf Of Wall St