Company Committed To Helping Students And College Grads Find Jobs

Finding a job in today’s market is pretty difficult.

Finding a job as a graduating senior with little to no prior experience (and a sizable amount of student loans in your back pocket) is even harder.

An entry-level job is like banging The Hot Girl. Everybody wants it, but it's impossible to get in.

Eager college grads, let us introduce you to Campus Job, the handy website for finding a job straight out of school.

It’s basically the Seamless delivery app for cool, entry-level positions, and it features recognizable brands such as Snapchat, Postmates, Zenefits, Dropbox and Yelp.

The site helps connect college students with jobs, internships and opportunities at a time when they need those connections most.

Campus Job is also run by a recent grad, Liz Wessel. She clearly understands her market and even find her own employees by using her site.

The startup works on a model similar to sites like LinkedIn. Companies pay incremental fees for more advanced search criteria and to access recent grads’ applications.

So far, the company raised over $7.8 million in outside funding. Bottom line: If a startup knows how to make money, you probably want to be a part of it.

Paychecks are fun; don’t be shy.