Elite Interviews: Fashion Photographer Ted Emmons

by Evelyn Pelczar

Southern California native, Ted Emmons is an accomplished fashion photographer who has received early recognition for his creative and artistic abilities with published and commissioned media in digital and graphic designs, sculptures and paintings.  

The former rock band member and model translates the laid back lifestyle of Cali into his photography with bright colors and startling backdrops.

What are some things that inspire your photography?

I have always had a passion for creating artwork since I could remember.  I see inspiration in nature, fashion and all mediums of Art.

How would you describe your photography style?

I feel my style is always changing, but  people would say I have that California vibe in my pictures. I love the use of vibrant colors in my work and I always try to push the models to the best of their abilities to get a killer shot.  

What aspects do you look for when choosing your models?

I look for models with unique looks and specific features that will fit the part of the concept I am going for.

What is a theme or concept you would still like to do?

I have so many ideas in my head that I want to share with the world. It’s a secret for now until I can make it come to life. 

What brand or celebrity would you love to team up with for a photoshoot?

 I would love to team up with Tom Ford, Guess, Gucci or Alexander McQueen one day. 

Explain the transition from being in a rock band, to modeling, and now photography? How did these career paths come about?

 My love for playing the guitar and listening to metal/hardcore music is why I started playing in a metal band. As for modeling, I was scouted like most models. I was not fully dedicated to modeling as much as I was dedicated to playing in my band.   Becoming a photographer was a spontaneous act that I just fell into. I lost my job during the summer of 2010 and could not find work so I decided to stop looking and take a break from everything. I bought a cheap camera on craigslist  and started shooting friends. Then modeling agencies started to recognize my work and it all blew up from there. 

In what ways have your past experiences influenced you as a photographer?

 Ever since I could remember I have been a creative kid. I grew up drawing, painting and designing under the beautiful California Sun. My love for graphic design also helped me to excel in my photography.

How different was it for you to go from working in front of the camera to behind the camera?

 It was an easy transition. I hated being in front of the camera and the modeling industry is tough and cutthroat. I am the type of guy that likes to be in control and I can be more creative behind the camera.

Any advice for aspiring photographers looking to make it in the industry?

 I started photography as a hobby and I did not care about making money. I did it because it was another way I could express myself through my artistic abilities.  My advice to an aspiring photographer would be to do it because you love it and stay true to yourself. Don’t let the industry set rules for you. Break them!

 To view more dope pictures from Ted Emmons check out his website or blog.

Evelyn Pelczar | Elite.