Do Women Lack The "Attitude" To Start Businesses?

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's annual United States report has presented data that suggests women lack the attitude to start businesses.

The GEM, which has been releasing its studies yearly since 1999, reported that there was a decline in the ratio of female to male entrepreneurs, with reports stating that for every ten male entrepreneurs there were seven females involved in entrepreneurship in 2012, as opposed to eight out of ten in 2011.

The report, which was composed via a joint effort between Baruch College in New York and Babson College in Massachusetts, then presented statistics gathered from a survey that questioned men and women's attitudes and motives in regard to starting businesses.

The report states, "Another area where women lagged men is in their perceptions of their abilities for starting businesses. Nearly two-thirds of men surveyed believe they have ability to start a business, while less than half of women share those perceptions."

While the GEM doesn't take any steps forward from this observation, or make any subjective statements afterwards, the suggestion made is one that, at the very least, can be perceived as confirmation that women have an unfavorable business sense.

Of course the opposite could be true. A conceivable assumption that men are arrogant in perceiving their ability to start businesses, perhaps underestimating what it takes to be successful, can be made.

Ultimately, it is up to the reader's discretion.

The most encouraging news indicated by the report however, which can be read in full here, is the rise of the percentage of U.S. adults who are new business owners to 13 percent.

Photo Credit: Tumblr