What To Do When No One Is Listening

It sucks to be ignored when looking for a job. Now that there are twice as many people applying to half as many jobs as there used to be, very few aspiring individuals are going to be acknowledged for their efforts to establish contacts for potential employment opportunities. Recent college graduates are going to send a seemingly endless amount of emails and make a number of phone calls each day that will not get any responses.

It's easy to think that you are being ignored because you don't have much to offer the prospective companies you want to work for. Guess what? You're right. The reason you are being ignored is because you are asking for things someone at your level of experience was not meant to receive at this stage of the game.

That and the fact that no matter how unique or hard working you may try and make yourself sound, there are many others trying to attain the same positions you are who are utilizing the exact same strategies to do so.

You obviously cannot wait for people to call or email you back to start delving into the kind of work you want to do in your desired field. Once you understand what kind of work your ideal company does, you don't even need to be hired to start gaining experience. You need to further develop your understanding of how the particular field you think you'd be right for works.

Think of it as picking a college. Find out more about the inner workings of these businesses, from the sort of tasks they have to complete every day to the different roles certain employees fill that are necessary to the company's productivity.

Then you will understand where you'd fit best in the equation along with the aspects of the game you need to get better at if you want to survive in the work place, such as public speaking, effective and fluid writing or fact checking.

Even more like picking a college is the next step you need to take if you're still getting ignored, which is even more beneficial for your professional career than knowing what goes on in the company you want to work for. It's time to turn the focus away from the work place and onto yourself. This is how to gain experience the old fashioned way.

It's time to go to school. It's time to do some work that doesn't reward you with money or a degree, but instead with something much more valuable for this point in your life: knowledge. The light at the end of the tunnel in this situation will be you coming closer and closer to the person you need to be to truly get what you want.

Make learning about what it takes to be the best at what you want to do your top priority. Do some research on other successful people in this field in order to understand what it is about their personality and work ethic that makes them so good at what they do.

Think of smaller, more creative projects you could do that would hone the type of skills needed to do exceptionally well in this specific industry. Remember the reason you chose this field to begin with, what it was about it the very nature of the work you could be doing that first enticed you.

Think about the people you want to help or the kind of changes you want to make in the world and then start thinking of ways you could take action to make those things happen on your own. Once you realize how great it feels to get something done that you weren't instructed to do, you will understand why every step you take in pursuing your goal is a reward in itself.

If you need other people acknowledging that this field is meant for you to truly feel that this is the truth, this might not be the kind of work you really desire to make your life about. The kind of work that you should dedicate your life to is driven by a passion you have for the work itself, for the positive feeling you get from doing it whether there is money involved or not.

Using the aforementioned tactics to bring yourself closer to your dreams will grant you all the contacts and help you need as you will soon find that it's the work you do that makes you stand out in the crowd, not just your desire to have a good job.

You will have finely tuned your ability to produce and bring your vision to reality, a quality that will make you feel like an individual with a purpose, regardless of how many people tell you this is or is not the case. If you decide you want to be something, start thinking about which types of actions will best adjust your identity in this manner because no human resources professional is going to stop you from doing something that brings you closer to becoming the person you wish to be.