Why Daydreamers Rule The World | Elite Daily

Wake up and see the difference. One of the most clichéd sayings out there is to “follow your dreams.” It has been engrained in us since we were young that we can do anything. Is this really always the case, however?

You may have a dream right now you wish to come true. Did you catch what I just said? You wish it to come true. A dream without action is just a wish. If you are still hoping to follow your dream here’s where you are wrong.

When you dream you are putting yourself into a fantasy world, a place you wish you were. When you envision, this fantasy world takes hold as a potential future if you follow up with a plan. Those who envision are the daydreamers. They don’t think in terms of what they wish would happen.

They think in terms of what could happen. Then they create the scenarios to bring about this vision. Their dreams don’t end when they wake up. Because envisioning occurs when they are awake. The secret of the rich and the powerful is that they have a desire to act rather than to plan.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better daydreamer than Sir Richard Branson. This modern day Renaissance man has created eight-billion dollar companies. How many hundred-dollar companies have you even started? From music, to flight, to space, it seems his business maneuvers keep getting more grandiose in scale.

This is because he never stops daydreaming and envisioning new awesome possible futures. When asked by his wife why he doesn’t just retire and enjoy his money he said, “If I put all my money in the bank and drink myself to death in the Caribbean, I think that would be a waste of the fantastic position I’ve found myself in.”

If you keep finding yourself thinking of an idea or outcome you desire, this may be the beginning of a possible plan. Not every idea will work. Not every start-up will succeed. People’s "dreams" get crushed every day.

But that’s another difference between dreamers and daydreamers. The daydreamers have a mindset that is founded on action and will continue to envision ways to bounce back until their desired outcome is acquired. You can either think and do, or think and wish. The Elite know the difference.

Milan Dekich | Elite.