The Challenge Of Life: Why You Need To Push Yourself

Everyone complains about school at one point or another in their lives. Whether you hate waking up early or you hate having to study- there is always something that can be said about how you disliked being in school. But looking back at it now… was it really so bad?

Sure, you were pushed to wake up early, pushed to pay attention, pushed to do your homework, pushed to do exams, pushed to be at the top of your class… But didn’t all of this help you become successful at whatever you are doing now? So maybe getting a push now and again is not such a bad thing.

The question is: Who will be pushing you once you are out of school, once your parents are no longer willing to push you and your teachers are no longer around? Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t need any pushing. Why exert yourself when you don’t need to, right? Wrong.

Getting pushed while growing up helped us achieve everything that we have achieved up to the point that we are at now. Not being pushed and just cruising through one day after the next is a waste of a perfectly good life. Not being pushed is giving up on yourself and what it means to be human. We are capable of so much if we just get a little nudge from time to time. But what if there is no one around to push you?

Easy. You push yourself. Look through the picture below to see how important pushing yourself is:

Paul Hudson | Elite.