How Bad Do You Want It Pt. II [Video]

This is quite possibly the most inspiring video we have encountered in a while. If you find yourself in a rut as of today, give this video a look for some inspiration. While you might believe that you have been working to your utmost potential, this video will almost certainly contradict your claim.

The video corroborates the claims we have consistently made regarding what it takes to succeed. It is not about waiting for a handout or a miracle. You must take action today if you wish to see tangible change in the future. And if you have not been maintaining the standards reflected in this video, you have not been trying hard enough.

If you wish to ascend to the top, you must be willing to put in everything you have to arrive at that point. How bad do you truly want it? Check out the video below to find out and receive a necessary motivational speech.

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