Ayoub Qanir Keeps It Futuristic In 'Koyakatsi'


Ayoub Qanir, acclaimed film director known for his short series Human After All, is getting ready to debut his latest project, Koyakatsi. Ayoub takes a very futuristic approach to his work, separating from many of the conventional directors in the industry.

After graduating from the University of Miami with a major in Entrepreneurship and Management, can you tell us why you did you decide to branch into film?

Hollywood always seems to portray a very dark image of a future where robots are dominant. Do you share similar views on the topic or specific nuances; do you feel as if artificial intelligence is benevolent?

What was your inspiration behind your movie ‘Koyakatsi’? Was there a specific experience or series of events that led you to ‘Koyakatsi’?

The science fiction field is a very broad market. With new technologies and concepts developing everyday, how do you plan for ‘Koyakatsi’ to disrupt the sci-fi market?

What are some of the most important words of advice you could offer someone who may feel discouraged in terms of breaking into the film industry?

You are studying nanotechnology at Harvard. Do you plan on taking this knowledge into any other fields besides film?

Where do you see the future of your film development? Now that you’ve stepped into longer features? Are you specific to a genre or do you seek to expand your art across these boundaries?