11 Signs Being An Entrepreneur Is And Always Has Been Your Destiny

by Joshua Fechter

Who has ever said, "I like going to class?" Almost no one. School has become insanely mind numbing because you end up learning a bunch of crap that will rarely, if ever, be applicable once you graduate.

Sometimes, you do get lucky and find a great class or teacher. However, most of the time, that's not the case. Our education system is and has been a failure by keeping students from being successful after college by providing them with irrelevant knowledge and a ton of debt.

Why can't you just learn what you think will make you successful? Why not just skip school and learn knowledge what you know is useful? If these questions tend to pop into your mind, you're starting to think like an entrepreneur.

As a recent college graduate, I'm incredibly grateful I took the entrepreneurial route over the bookish, student route. Sure my GPA wasn't amazing, but I still got the job I wanted and graduated with knowledge in my field that was far beyond any of the students with whom I went to class.

Don't let your schooling get in the way of your education. Stop putting the brakes on life; find out what you love and pursue it. Here are 11 signs that it's time to ditch class and chase what actually matters:

1. You skipped out on class to learn

Most classes you take in college are irrelevant to what you're interested in. You copy notes, test answers and study just for the grade because you don't care about the information. It's sad that this is the reality of college, however, there is one simple way to avoid it. Don't go.

If you have interests that you want to pursue, if you want to excel at something that has nothing to do with your classes, sometimes it's better to just not attend at all and instead learn something that will actually positively impact your life. You have one life and you have passions, so stop wasting time.

2. The only books you bring to class are the ones you're interested in

You're forced to go to class because they take attendance and have in-class assignments. The problem is that your class is still trying to force material down your throat that's irrelevant to your passions.

The easy solution is to sit in the back of the classroom and whip out a book that is actually applicable to your life.

3. You have a huge drawing board in your room

Most of the ideas you put on this board are probably horrible and half of them were written when you were high and thought you had some inspiration.

You know most of the ideas will never succeed, but you don't want to lose them in case you come across the one that will change your life. Even if that happens when you're sober or between smoking a joint and drinking a 40 oz.

4. You already have mentors

You know how important it is to listen to people who have gone down the entrepreneurial path before and have come out on top. They are the ones who can identify with your struggles and point you in the right direction.

You found these helpful life guides by networking and not being afraid to reach out. The best part is that you know if they believe in you enough, they may just become your next investors for one of your great ideas.

5. You don't care about your GPA

You're interviewing for a position after college and the interviewer inquires about projects you have completed. As an entrepreneur that's an easy question to answer because your life has been built around startups.

Even better, you might not even need to interview, building and marketing projects is one of the best ways to network for a job. Many entrepreneurs get recruited through hackathons.

Companies want employees who can provide results, be innovative and exceptional. None of those qualities are directly related to a high GPA. How many students can tell a company what steps they can immediately take to improve? Very few.

You learn those steps from taking on ventures of your own. A portfolio of ideas that you have executed shows a lot more than a high GPA, which only means you can show up on time and memorize things well.

6. You have a blog

As an entrepreneur, you always have a million thoughts running through your head at once. You have so many life lessons you have already learned and always have a different project you're working on.

It's helpful to have a place to write all these spinning thoughts down which makes blogging a perfect outlet.

The best part about a blog, is that it's a good substitute for a portfolio when applying for jobs. It also lets your friends know about your skills and your entrepreneurial passion.

7. Endless drunk philosophical talks about changing the world

When you start drinking, your emotions begin to spill out. Lucky for you it's never anything offensive. Better yet, it attracts everyone around you to come listen to your rants about how anyone can change the world.

No one wants to be around the person who has a tendency to cry or get angry after drinking. Telling people they have an incredible potential feeds everyone's ego and provides for great conversation.

8. School organizations are lame, so you started your own

You're an entrepreneur, so you like to make your own rules for how you go about life. You tried the Greek scene for a couple of weeks and realized you can't stand being told what to do. You're a born leader, not a slave.

Easy for you, starting things up has never been a problem. Four months later, you have an organization with a ton of members and you're the president. All those students who rushed Greek life are still pledging. Not a bad choice on your part.

9. You didn't dress up for the career fair

Everyone was dressed to impress at the career fair except you. You came with flip-flops and a positive attitude. Why would anyone want to hire you if you're net dressed to the 9's?

Because you have a portfolio that's bigger than all the other students combined. You've taken on more projects and have learned more skills in one of your college years than most did in four.

When a company is looking to hire a computer programmer that can step in and make mobile apps, do they want the students with the 4.0 GPA or the one that has already created several apps? They want proven results, not a work in progress.

After they see your projects, flip-flops and confidence, they realize you don't really need them, they need you.

10. You get to work at a startup

All those students that thought they were taking the entrepreneurial route by joining the school's entrepreneurial organization, well guess what, they were wrong.

Being an entrepreneur is about involving yourself in new project, takings risks, and asking for more responsibility. Moreover, it's about working at a startup.

A startup is as much fun as it is work. You learn far faster than you do in school, but there's an immense amount of pressure to produce results. Even if the startup fails, you still have a better portfolio of the projects you worked on than most students.

11. You DGAF about the haters

Who cares if you have several failed projects and your GPA sucks? You know more about business and marketing than any of your friends that are getting an MBA.

Not only do you know more than them, you actually like reading business books which is why you have been drawn to startup ventures since you were a freshman.

Moreover, you're not a big fan of the debt that comes with getting a masters. You'd rather spend that money on trying to start a company.

You're on this earth not to achieve something mediocre, but something great. When recent graduates are still learning how to get back up after being defeated, you will be on your way to becoming one of the founders of a very successful company.

Learn your lessons early, because nobody remembers your failures, only what you accomplish.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr