Entrepreneur Profile: Pandemic Labs


Along with Brennan White, Matt Peters is the co-founder of Pandemic Labs. Pandemic Labs is a Boston-based social media marketing agency dedicated to helping brands navigate the ever-changing world of new media to create marketing success.

Though technology is central to many service offerings, Pandemic Labs does not define itself by any specific set of technologies. The theme at the core of all of their service is the belief that, in our increasingly on-demand world, marketing is a dialogue not a monologue.

Our world demands a philosophy of engagement, and Pandemic Labs excels at creating, executing, and tracking campaigns where brands and consumers actively engage in two-way communication.

Matt shares his story with Elite and provides valuable insight in the following interview that every entrepreneur can learn from:

What does your company do, and who does it target?

How would you sum up your social media marketing philosophy?

What were your primary concerns before launching, and how have you differentiated from other social media firms?

3 Tips for Success?

How do you view success and how will you know if you have reached it?