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Sidney Frank is not the prototypical entrepreneur that Elite is accustomed to profiling. But Sidney Frank has undoubtedly competed, battled and won more business ventures than most people ever will. This man had established himself as a promotional marketing wizard, but you may know him better as the man that brought you Jägermeister and Grey Goose.

So next time you are taking down Jäger-bombs, or Red Bull with Goose, remember who is responsible for that.

Like all great innovators, Frank has faced his fair share of doubters and haters. People who know him thought he was crazy for trying to import the German herbal elixir Jägermeister, which was entirely unknown in 1972.

This was no surprise, though, as Jägermeister was only selling about 500 cases a year at the time! By the time Frank was done working his magic, he was selling over 2 million cases of the drink a year.

So, what was Frank's magic? He executed a unique plan – well, at least a plan that was unique at the time. The plan revolved around a squad of sexy, young women who would throw huge parties, patrol bars and sell drinks to get exposure for Jägermeister. And the plan worked perfectly.

Just think, who are you more likely to buy a drink from: an old male bartender, or a sexy female model dressed to impress while giving you free samples of a great new liquor. This marketing strategy may sound simple today as it is now the standard operation for Red Bull, Virgin and many other products.

But Frank was not done championing the liquor industry just yet. After the success of Jagermeister, Frank embarked on a second venture in 1997: Grey Goose Vodka. It was an instant success and just a few years later he sold it to Bacardi for more than $2 billion.

Like all Elite men, Frank knew how to live well. From an unparalleled fleet of cars, chefs and golf instructors, Frank achieved his childhood dream:

Here are is a collection of snippets from an older interview with Frank, who passed away in 2006. The lessons for success within his stories are invaluable:

On college:

On his first job:

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