Entrepreneur Profile: Founder of JibberJobber


Jason Alba is CEO of JibberJobber, your Personal Relationship Manager for your career. JibberJobber grew out of his frustration in finding adequate tools to help him manage his job search.

The core benefits are based on “customer relationship management”, where you can manage the relationships that are important for your career. This includes tracking network contacts and target companies, but also delves into understanding the strength of the relationship.

Aside from this there are many features that allow you to do what career experts tell you to do. For example, you can keep track of where you send your resume, manage responses to interview questions, keep track of job-related expenses and much more.

He has also become a strong advocate of both personal branding and social networking, both for job seekers and entrepreneurs. He is also author of I’m on LinkedIn – Now What?? and I’m on Facebook – Now What??, and maintains several popular blogs to help promote his business. Elite got a chance to sit down with Jason and ask him about his entrepreneurial success.

What made you to start JibberJobber?

What were some of the downs of starting your own company?

When you first started the business, were you expecting that it would become not only your full-time occupation, but also a growing company?

At what point did you realize that it was going to take off? At what point did you decide to devote yourself to your company fully, instead of your job search?

From your experience, why is establishing a personal brand important?

What networking tips have you learned in the past few years that have helped you?

Whats the next step for JibberJobber?